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How many eggs does it usally take?I have like 20 charmanders now!
Is there a way to increase the chance even more?I know its like 2089% or something like that.
But i dont want a box full of charmanders.Please help.

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It's called the Masuda method
2089% ? Do you know, what % mean? It´s like you would have even more shinies than you´ve ever met...like you met 2 Pokémon and had 400 shinies...
Change the U to an A.
And by the way, it's not 2089%, it's actually 0.00048828125%.
There is a nifty little thing for the pokemon eggs you don't want, releasing.
You can't release eggs, he'd have to go through the trouble of hatching all of them (which I do all the time, it's not hard).

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The chance is 1 in 2048. With 20 Charmanders you are so far off from a chance of a shiny it's unbelievable.

If you don't know, "1 in 2048" means that if you made 2,048 (two thousand and forty eight) eggs, you would only expect one of those to be shiny.

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That's why there's an option to release pokemon