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This link says that Red-Striped Basculin learns Surf, Waterfall and Dive, but Blue-striped doesn't. Is it so? If so, are there any other moves which one of them learns and the other doesn't?


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Blue Striped Basculin can also learn Surf ,Waterfall and Dive according to Bulbapedia as it says only the appearance, rarity, their Held Item (during wild encounters) and Ability of the forms vary.

On most sites, the moveset for Red Striped Basculin is only shown.

But when in Blue Basculin's page it shows that it can learn Surf,Waterfall and Dive in Gen 7 and when you change the Gen it shows only for Red Striped.

Also recently after reading this question I went to White and it can learn Surf,Waterfall and Dive.

A Screen shot from Pokemon White to Prove it can learn those three moves:

Sorry I didnt get Dive HM still but it can learn and I'm sure about it,

Hope I Helped

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The only difference is their Abilities (Red Striped can have Reckless while Blue Striped can have Rock Head), their rarity in each game, and possible held items they can be found with in the wild (Up to Gen 7).
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> And Red Striped is the most common also in Pokebase if you go to Gen 5 Learnset it shows for Red Basculin only and.
Actually in Pokebase if you go to the Gen 5 learnset it shhows the learnset only for Red Striped Basculin and in every other dex such as Veekun or bulbapedia Red Striped is shown mostly and that's why I told its the most common .
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