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I’m right outside of Paniola Town and I caught a Mareep, and its around the same level as my Grubbin.

Anyway just wondering which would help me more throughout the game. Feel free to also change up the rest of my team, I’m not too attached to most of the team members (Mudbray and Zorua I definitely want to keep at least for now, and Brionne has a solid place as well).

So that’s it, thanks.

Oh oop- update, Mareep evolved into Flaaffy so um yeah lol

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Vikavolt is incredibly powerful getting 2 90 power STABs very soon after you get it evolved all the way, but until the it’s not incredibly powerful

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Lets see here:


- Respectable HP
- Good Sp. Atk
- Respectable Sp. Def
- Learns awesome moves like Thunderbolt, Discharge etc.
- Only 1 weakness - Ground

- Slow
- Available a little later than Grubbin, but still pretty early


- Awesome Sp. Atk
- Respectable Def.
- Learns move like Thunderbolt through Move Reminders.
- Two weaknesses only, helped by the ability Levitate - Fire and Rock
- Access to Bug Buzz, an amazing Bug-type STAB

- Slower than Ampharos
- Stats are pretty meh outside of Special-offensive stats.
- Very frail without the help of any Speed-Boosting items/moves

Both are fine in a gameplay, actually - pretty much anything goes in-game.

If you want a bulky attacker, go for Amphy!
Ampharos @ Ampharosite/Anything else
- Thunderbolt
- Signal Beam/Dragon Pulse
- Filler
- Filler

If you want to take the risk in exchange of a hard-hitting fighter, go for Vikavolt!
Vikavolt @ Anything
- Thunderbolt
- Bug Buzz
- Agility/Anything else
- Filler

Hope this helps!

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how could i say no when its name is shortened to something as cute as Amphy ;(((

anyway tysm <33
No probs! Happy to help <3
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Both Ampharos and Vikavolt are slow, I'd recommend Alolan Raichu since you don't have a Psychic Pokémon. You can get a Pichu at the same point where Grubbin is, it is a little bit annoying to find so good luck.

Raichu-A @ Magnet

Grass Knot
Calm Mind

I shouldve added that i don’t want to use Raichu because ive used it in my other two playthroughs and I want to mix it up. That’s actually the mindset ive had building this team (considering that Popplio is the only starter I havent used yet).