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In what context? Is this just for a playthrough, or are you playing competitive?
For an ingame USUM run, Draco Meteor, Flamethrower, Boomburst, and Acrobatics/U-turn would be good enough to run through most trainers
You could try Focus Blast too.

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I'll have a go at this question

Good coverage
I can learn U-Turn
Decent movepool
Noivern’s lowest stat is it’s Attack stat
A lot of its STAB moves are weak in base power, like Dragon Claw and Aerial Ace
or have drawbacks, like Dragon Rush and Outrage

Also good coverage
Has access to powerful moves like Boomburst and Focus Blast
Best attacking stat is it’s Sp Atk
It’s special STAB moves are pretty powerful
e.g. Dragon Pulse, Hurricane

I’d say to go for a special Noivern for your playthrough. Definitely sprinkle in some physical moves like U-Turn but mainly stick to the special side
Hoped I helped

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