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Sorry if the title doesn’t make sense

I’m both grinding and shiny hunting, cute charm style, and I find it much easier to let my Jigglypuff be fainted in the front of my party.

However, it’s quite the struggle.

How can I easily get my Jigglypuff to faint?

You can give it a toxic orb or make it battle Pokemon that are much higher level.
Toxic orb is a good idea
What game is this?
If this is a Sinnoh game, then I think it's also very easy to enter a double battle in the restaurant on Valor Lakefront and have another Pokemon attack your Jigglypuff.

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One option is to use moves.
- Double-Edge has recoil damage, but Jigglypuff learns it at level 49.
- Perish Song would make Jigglypuff faint in three turns, as well as the opponent, but it's an Egg move.
- Substitute will use 25% of Jigglypuff's HP to make a Substitute. You can find it as a TM on the second floor of the Old Chateau, or buy it in the Veilstone Game Corner for 2000 coins.

There's also held items.
- Life Orb will take 10% of Jigglypuff's HP when he attacks a Pokémon with a damage-dealing move, but it's only obtained at Stark Mountain.
- Black Sludge will take 1/8 of Jigglypuff's HP every turn, as he's not a Poison-type. It can be stolen from wild Croagunk and Toxicroak, though the chance is only 5%.
- Flame Orb burns Jigglypuff and can be bought at the Battle Park in Diamond/Pearl or the Battle Frontier in Platinum for 16 Battle Points.
- Toxic Orb badly poisons Jigglypuff and can be bought at the Battle Park in Diamond/Pearl or the Battle Frontier in Platinum for 16 Battle Points.
- Sticky Barb damages Jigglypuff by 12.5% each turn, but transfers to the opponent if it hits him with a contact move. You can buy it at the Veilstone Department Store or steal it from wild Cacnea and Cacturne, though, like Black Sludge, the chance is only 5%.

The most simple method is letting the Pokémon you're facing attack Jigglypuff until he faints. This is quickest against powerful Trainers. You could also enter a Double Battle and have your Pokémon attack Jigglypuff. If he's at a high level, Double-Edge plus a held item like Black Sludge can help him along.

Tell me if I'm missing something or didn't show you what exactly you're looking for.

Source: Bulbapedia's item, Pokémon, location, and move pages (I checked more Bulbapedia pages than I linked here of course but these are a few of them)

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  • healing wish healing wish kills yourself and heals next Pokemon in your team that comes out in that battle if it is the last Pokemon in your team it fails.

source: https://bulbapedia

I don’t think jigglypuff even learns healing wish.
Nope, it doesn’t.