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So, uh I thought that before Black and White, there was no such thing as a shiny lock, but this video I was watching at 3:28 timestamp says that the gift Shuckle in HGSS is shiny locked.

Now, if this Shuckle is exactly the same every time, then I understand this and will hide this question.

i thought it started in b/w as well but looks like it technically goes back to gen 2 https://shiny-pokemon.fandom.com/wiki/Shiny-Locked_Pokemon#Generation_2

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Excluding the starters, as they can all be shiny from gens 2-5. Here's a list of all gift Pokemon from Gens 2-5 that can't be shiny.

Gen 2

Gen 3

Gen 4
Kenya the Spearow (Predetermined)
Shuckie the Shuckle (Predetermined)

Gen 5
Both Zorua (Predetermined, Shiny locked)

Sources: Every single Serebii Page for each game's gift Pokemon. Also a bit of experience

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Does Serebii really say that Kenya's and Shuckie's IVs are not pre-determined in gen 2?
sumwun the video I watched said that they weren't