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I’m in celadon and haven’t fought Erica yet I have access to all the trainers under the game corner and in the tower but that’s not going to give enough cash I have about 2200 coins and 0 Poké dollars and I need enough for scyther and flamethrower so given my area what can I do to get lots of cash

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You'd need 5900 coins total, minus 2200= 3700 Coins, which equals: 7Pokedollars. Now, if you haven't challenged the gym at all, do so, that'll get you enough money. There are a lot of trainers, three of which are Beauties, which pay like 1,700 something, plus Erika, which gives 2,000 something. All together, if you fight every trainer, win every time, beat Erika, without losing money by losing, you'll have 9870=50x9= 450 coins, plus 870 extra

Total left: 3250

If by under the Game Center, you mean the Rocket Hideout, then battling everyone in there will give 'ya: 10196+870=11066(assuming you've already beaten the Grunt in the actual Game Corner, if not, then add 640 Pokedollars to the sum of leftover money.)=550

Total Left: 2700

Tower Money: 12836=600 coins and 902 money leftover

Total Left: 2100 Coins

That's all the trainers, now if you sell all the items in those places, not including stuff like TMs, and stuff you can't find again, because your gonna want those, then: 33015 Pokedollars = 1650 Coins, plus 917 money left over.

Total Left: 450 Coins

From there, just get a bit more money through selling stuff and playing through the game, and you'll be good.

Source: Bulbapiedia Bulbagarden pages on Team Rocket Hideout, and Pokemon Tower, as well as the Celadon City Game Corner Bulbapiedia Page and
https://serebii.net/itemdex.shtml(I just entered in the item to find it's sell price), https://serebii.net/pokearth/kanto/3rd/celadoncity.shtml

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Go ahead and check the Serebii Pages to see the locations of the items, as well as see what items are one of a kind that you don't want/need, like a TM that you can sell for a lot.
If you cite something, you need to link the exact page you get the information from.
Okay, I can't do the Bulbapiedia links till later, since I did 'em on a different computer, but I'll do the Serebiis.
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