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Okay so I’ve been looking online for this but all I’ve found are tier lists which I find boring and usually they don’t give much information on why they are good/bad.

For this I’m going to expand past the title of this question and ask for all of the characters ranked with explanations for each one, same for the support sets (or do the support Pokemon separately since different Pokemon in sets could have varying viability).

On top of that, what are the the best support + character combos and what are the best teams for team battles?

Sorry that this is asking for so much lol but thank you if you answer this <3

I honestly don’t care though lol. When I asked this question I anticipated that it might take a while to be answered but I don’t really see a problem with it.

Anyway I’m not here for the most accurate answer I’m here for a well thought out answer that makes sense considering that this will be slightly opinionated (if someone goes off of their personal experience everyone plays a character differently, for example Braixen is arguably the best character in the game but I’m terrible at playing it). So I’m not that worried about that part.

If it goes unanswered that would obviously suck but it wouldn’t be shocking. Heck, maybe I’ll have to answer it myself. But I just asked this question for a bit of help and I understand that people might not have the resources or knowledge to give me the help I asked for.
You found multiple websites that publish tier lists, right? Do none of those websites have some kind of forum?
Ok, that's fine just letting you know
Sorry the the late reply! See: first sentence of this question (I was referring to that one in particular).

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