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Usually, As One takes Calyrex's ability, (Unnerve) and puts it together with it's steed's ability, (Grim Neigh/Chilly Neigh.) What would happen if, say, you put As One on a Corviknight? What abilities would the Corviknight have?

It would have As One of the form that you gave it to. So if it was As One from Calyrex-Ice, then it would get As One with Chilling Neigh.
I think as one is really 2 different abilities with the same name. So if you want to hack as one onto anything, you need to specify which as one it has.

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Ok, so as you can see, in the replay that I will link, Farfetch'd had the Glastrier version and Vullaby had the Spectrier version. The grim/chilling neigh were corresponded right, and as you saw when my Farfetch'd died, the Zarude ate the Sitrus berry, which means that unnerve worked. The Venusaur had a Sitrus Berry too

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And thanks to Primordial Sea for helping me :)

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Awesome, thanks
So… did you choose which As One it had, or is it randomly chosen, or does it depend on something?
I'm intrigued by this too
I'm pretty sure that there are options in the Teambuilder while choosing the ability; either As One [Spectrier] or As One [Glastrier].
I typed in As one in the ability thingy, and there were two choices: As one (spectrier) and As one (glastrier)
Got that, thanks!