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I’m making a comp team and was wondering if it were possible to make neutralizing gas last longer than it normally would and if not how long will it last?

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Doesnt the gas stay for as long as galarian weezing stays in the field?

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No, because Neutralizing Gas is permanent, until the Pokemon with Neutralizing Gas is switched out/fainted.

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Thank you! I guess I was just brain farting.
You could say that items like Leftovers and Sitrus Berry lengthen the duration, because they let Weezing stick around longer!
SadisticMystic, which one of the two would you recommend the leftovers or the berry?
If it's singles, Black Sludge (basically Leftovers for Poison types) is the best option for it. I don't know much about doubles, but Sitrus Berry might be better in doubles due to the fast-paced nature of it.