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Im playing Fire Red right now and since Koga has 3 Pokémon that have levitate, ground can't work, so what should I use for my team? I also understand psychic Pokémon exist, but I don't want to level up an abra for 14 hours.

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Whts ur current team and i can hlp u

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Use a good psychic type like mr.mime , jynx or kadabra . If you fire red , you cant use starmie but in lg , I'd say grab that starfish . Ground types wont work against his koffings and weezings as they have levitate . Tm psychic is in fusia city . If you wanna use a ground type , the nidos and dugtrio is your best bet

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I think Mr. Mime and Jynx are the best psychic Pokemon in this game. They have boosted experience gain and learn more useful moves besides psychic and calm mind.
TM psychic is available at Saffron city and no fusia city pls correct it