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so my friend was like i'll use grass types only and you use any type of Pokemon you want so I was like k.I chose these Pokemon

and he has these
exeguttor ( from his alola game so he Pokemon homed him in sword)

please give me suggetions of nature and evs because I haven't got the team yet I am still just planning and getting my Pokemon from the location I can get them.

PS he gave me a month time because he wanted it to be fair not one sided.

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If he's using those four pokemon then your Cinderace already won. Just spam pyro miss like crazy
but he is smart an swithces into exeguttor that is neutral to fire
If i knew the answer i would not have asked
pyro miss still two shots it. alolan exeggutor is really quite pathetic although you will have to u turn out to something so you don't die to draco or something
Just switch to Corviknight when he puts in Exeguttor as Corv resists Dragon types. After eliminating his Alo-Exeguttor, switch to Cinderace to beat up the rest of his team.
i think you should start with cinderace. if he switches switch it with alolan exeguttor, send out corviknight. then attack
Can I recommend changing 1 or 2 of your 6 Pokemon, or are you sure you want to use them? What moves or abilities are you not allowed to use?

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Mmm okay let's see..

Just Corviknight and Cinderace is enough for beating him - Actually, a single Cinderace is good enough.

pyro miss still two shots it. alolan exeggutor is really quite pathetic although you will have to you turn out to something so you don't die to draco or something
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Like sin said, Pyro Ball would've 2HKO Alo-Exeggutor. Here's a set for Cinder:

Cinderace @ Life Orb / Expert Belt
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 SpD
Recommended Nature(s): Jolly / Adamant
Ability: Blaze / Libero

  • Pyro Ball
  • Bounce / U-Turn
  • Some boosting move / Filler
  • Filler

With Bounce and those EVs, this guy would surely OHKO Alo-Exeggutor. Pyro Ball kills the rest of your friend's team and with enough training, OHKOs even Exeggutor. U-Turn is also good to attack (If you choose to solo your friend with Cinder) or pivoting out to let your other Pokemon come in safely (If any).
However, another possible candidate for this is Weavile, which isn't in your team yet. Though Sneasels can be found easily in the Hammerlocke Hills.
Weavile @ Focus Sash / Expert Belt
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 SpD
Recommended Nature(s): Jolly / Adamant
Ability: Pressure / Pickpocket

  • Icicle Crash
  • Knock Off
  • Swords Dance / Filler
  • Filler

Weavile instantly kills Alo-Exeggutor, which seems to be your main worry. It outspeeds pretty much everything in your friend's team, allowing it to solo him (except his Ferrothorn, but that can be handled by Cinderace). Icicle Crash and Knock Off are really good STABs and Sash is there just in case Ferro comes in and decides to attack you with a steel move.

Hope I helped!

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Why do you use bounce instead of U-turn? Why do you use ice punch and night slash instead of icicle crash and knock off?
I guess U-Turn is cool.

About Ice Punch and Knock Off, I forgot about those moves since I'm used to my Weavile's Ice Punch-Night Slash set in Platinum. Hold it, I'll change it real quick.
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your team should be (in my opinion):

Cinderace @ Life Orb
Ability: Blaze / Libero

  • Pyro Ball - stab with life orb
  • Court Change - ferrothorn can set up traps so you need to reverse it too
  • Gunk Shot / Acrobatics / Bounce - gunk shot for super effective hit if he switch to alolan exeguttor, acrobatics same reason, bounce for paralysis or super effective hits.
  • Taunt - to stop healing because tangrowth and venusaur can have synthesis

Corviknight @ Sharp Beak
Ability: Pressure

  • Brave Bird / Hurricane / Air Slash - brave bird can ko grass types, hurricane for stab but low accuracy, air slash also for ko too
  • Metal Sound - to destroy defense to attack well
  • Flash Cannon / Steel Wing - you'll never know when it's useful
  • Taunt - to stop healing

Charizard (in case cinderace faints) @ Charcoal
Ability: Blaze

  • Air Slash - stab
  • Flare Blitz - stab with charcoal
  • Dragon Claw - just in case you need another Pokemon to defeat exeguttor
  • Dragon Dance - attack and speed boost

Orbeetle @ Silver Powder
Ability: Swarm

  • Bug Buzz - for tangrowth
  • Psychic - for venusaur
  • Hypnosis - to make them sleep
  • Confuse Ray - make them have a lower chance of attacking

Weavile @ Never-Melt Ice / Black Glasses
Ability: Pressure

  • Ice Shard - to always attack first
  • Ice Beam - if you want
  • Revenge - to double damage
  • Dark Pulse - in case you need it

Gengar @ Poison Barb / Spell Tag
Ability: Cursed Body

  • Shadow Ball - stab move
  • Destiny Bond - if their about to beat your gengar
  • Sludge Bomb / Sludge Wave - stab to beat the grass types
  • Mean Look - to stop switching out

i didnt put nature and evs because when you catch Pokemon, the evs and nature depends where you caught it and how strong it is. anyways hope I helped you

I thought hyper traning is the same as changing your ivs to best
No, IVs (a.k.a Individual Values) can't be changed as they are completely determined by the game - That is, unless you are willing to mess with the RNG. The highest number of IVs is 31 and the lowest is 0.
Hyper training does make your stats ignore your IVs and pretend they're 31. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Hyper_Training
Ah, got it. Thanks sum (filler)