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Is the 20 points drop in base power worth it for the chance to burn?

I'm using a Palossand with Earth Power, and I want to know whether or not to switch out the move for scorching sands, which has a chance to burn in return for less Base Power.

Scorching Sands
70 BP
100 ACC
16 PP
30% chance to burn

Earth Power
90 BP
100 ACC
16 PP
10% chance to drop SPDF one stage

I don't see much of a reason to swap over, as the large drop in BP, along with the same PP, seems like an unfair trade just for a chance to burn.

Is the chance to burn actually worth it or not?

What format?

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KRLW’s answer is great, as always, but I’ll like to add something.

As the question is tagged Competitive I’ll be answering it with it in mind, specifically the PU and NU Tier, where Palossand is used the most.

In PU and NU, Palossand is a great defensive Stealth Rocker because of a great typing, good bulk and ability to check dangerous threats like Passimian and all. You’ll usually be going for Earth Power on the Defensive sets, too. Earth Power let’s it pick a few 2HKO’s on the aforementioned Pokémon after some chip. Scorching Sands, even though appeasing, is usually a niche option on Palossand because it needs the power to get KO’s and all on a few weakened foes. The Burn doesn’t matter much, as it’s Defense and typing allow it to wall most Physically oriented attackers easily.
And, as KRLW said, the offensive sets would hate the power drop, so Earth Power on them always.

Source: Experience

Hope it helped!

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It depends on the Pokemon, although I'd say that usually Earth Power is better if a Pokemon gets access to both. An exception could be on defensive Pokemon, who don't have the offensive stats to make great use of the additional power, but who would greatly appreciate the 30% burn chance.

In general, Earth Power > Scorching Sands for offensive Pokemon, and reverse on defensive Pokemon.

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