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In a Pokemon emerald water type mono nuzlocke what are all the viable encounters I can get?
here is a little I would like to tell before you answer -

  • Pokemon hat appear with fishing while I already caught a mon there is not allowed like the route where mr briney is there I can get a marill and a goldeen so I can only get one so I went with marill
  • surskit is banned because doesn't evolve + 50 50 with lotad in route 102.

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first of all, surskit shouldnt be banned. Its still part water so it is viable, even though masquerain isnt. You just cannot evolve it

These are the viable encounters
- Swampert (starter)
- Golduck (safari zone)
- Tentacruel
- Seaking
- Starmie
- Gyarados
- Lanturn
- Azumarill
- Quagsire (safari zone)
- Corsola
- Octillery (safari zone)
- Ludicolo
- Pelipper
- Surskit
- Sharpedo
- Wailord
- Whiscash
- Crawdaunt
- Milotic
- Walrein
- Huntail (only 1 can be chosen as per species clause)
- Gorebyss (only 1 can be chosen as per species clause)
- Relicanth
- Luvdisc

I have only listed the viable encounters, some Pokemon in the list are found with others and therefore can be missed. If I missed anything feel free to comment

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its my rule set and I can do what ever i wangt to do with it.
but thanks any ways :).
aight np, and gl with that nuzlocke
First, it's impossible to get a Kingler in Emerald without trading. Second, the question asked for viable encounters. Why do you think Surskit, Milotic, Relicanth, and Luvdisc count as viable?
kingler was my mistake, surskit, milotic, relicanth, and luvdisc count as part water so they are viable
"Available" doesn't mean "viable". Luvdisc is absolute trash, Milotic is too hard to find, Surskit is too weak, and Relicanth comes very late. They work if you find them, but that doesn't mean they're good.