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I’m looking at dates of my old cards and they say 1995. But the thing is, I never traded or bought online as a kid, and I’ve had these as long as I remember. I didn’t start collecting until about 2007 or so. Were they ever reproduced in the 2010 era or did I steal these from my brother?

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If the date of the card says 1995, it was made in 1995, unless there is a special logo or something giving the impression that your card is a reproduction. For example, the "new" cards in the Pokemon Celebrations expansion have the original Pokemon card's dates on them, (2006 Gardevoir,) but there is a Pokemon 25th anniversary logo on the side to indicate it is a rep.

For example, the Evolutions expansion in the XY era reproduced a good number of the original 1995-6 cards. However, it still had the date as 2016, and there is a logo in the bottom right corner, being the Evolutions logo.

Unless the cards are fake, they are originally from 1995.

Evolutions expansion Charizard

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No; I have very vague memories of pulling them myself though. But I have a tendency to make fake memories so I can’t tell how true they are or not
Sorry I didn't see your image link in your question description.

Those cards are original. The Farfetched is a first edition from the Base Set 2 expansion, and that was never rereleased. The Squirtle is a Base Set 2 that is not first edition, (I can tell from the dates,) and also based on the dates I can assume that the Butterfree is a Base set 2 non first edition. These cards were released in early 2000
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