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So, I did the email thing to get the Shiny codes, and it seems I got two different codes, one for Zacian and one for Zamazenta. Obviously, the Zacian one will work, but could I put the Zamazenta code in my Shield game and receive it? Do both codes work for either game/Pokemon, and the gift you get is decided by your copy?

Also, does the Zamazenta code work only after November 12th (in the US), or can Sword players get it right now if they have the code?

Sorry if this is a dumb and/or obvious question, I just can't find a clear "You can/can't use the Zamazenta code in Shield" answer anywhere.

From my understanding, they’re version exclusives but opposites. Zacian is for Shield, and vice versa. If you want, I could redeem the Zamazanta code for you and trade it to you

Obviously not a full answer
My Switch's NAT type won't let it connect to other players, thanks for offering though

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I just tested this in my Shield game. I was able to procure Zacian, but when imputting a Zamazenta code, it gave me this:

Your game can't receive the gift provided by this code or password.

I'll try it again after November 12th anyway, just to be sure, but for now...

You cannot get Shiny Zamazenta with a Zamazenta code in Pokémon Shield.

Edit: tried again after November 12th. Still didn't work.

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