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Where can I find the Ralts line and Bronzor line in White 2? Can I catch them before the Elite 4?

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The answer can't be found on this site because it's missing a lot of information about in-game trades.
sumwun Last I heard “catching” and “trading” are different things

And I’m pretty sure those aren’t trades anyways
The question asks about finding Pokemon, which I think includes both catching and trading.

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To get a Ralts, you have to finish the Yancy/Curtis side quest. The third trade is a Ralts. That's the only way to get that line in B2W2, and the quest is able to be done before the E4. It is a very difficult and easy to mess up quest.

Bronzor and Bronzong can be found at the Abundant Shrine. In order to access the Abundant Shrine, you must obtain Waterfall. N gives you Waterfall just prior to entering Victory Road, so you are barely able to access Bronzong before the E4.

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