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I wanted to know because anorith learns swords dance which is an e move and I wanted to make it physical beast.But I never got an egg move Pokemon before so I don't exactly know what are the chances of getting an e move on a Pokemon and also how do I get an e move on Pokemon in this game?

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I don’t think there’s “chance” to get egg moves. Have a parent with the move, it’ll go to the baby

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Here are the Pokémon that can learn Swords Dance, in Anorith's Egg Group, "Water 3".

Note: Anorith's Egg Cycles - 30 (7,4547,710 steps to hatch)

Tentacool (via Move Tutor)
Tentacruel (via Move Tutor)
Krabby (via Move Tutor)
Kingler (via Move Tutor)
Kabutops (via Move Tutor)
Corphish (via Level 38/Move Tutor)
Crawdaunt (via Level 44/Move Tutor)
Anorith (via Move Tutor)
Armaldo (via Move Tutor)

So, your best bet is to find a Corphish at Route 102/Route 117/Petalburg City (fishing w/ Good Rod, 20%/Super Rod, 100%)

Note: A bred Pokémon will inherit any compatible Move Tutor moves which it's father knows. Additionally, if both parents know a move that the bred Pokémon can learn via level-up, it will inherit that move.

Though, technically... you don't even have to breed at all. A Move Tutor in the Battle Frontier will teach Swords Dance to your Anorith for 48BP.


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though i wanted to use it in my main playthrouh and not go the battle frontier but thanks i'll work on it.
Glad I could help.