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In this video, Kommo o was instructed to use the move called 'reversed scale'. I looked it up and found that there is no move with that name. So, is this a wrong translation? If it is, what move did Kommo o use?

It’s not clanging scales. It might be scale shot?

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The Move Kommo-o used was Outrage

The Japanese name げきりん (逆鱗) gekirin ("wrath of one's superior", literally "reversed scale")


Reversed Scale is the meaning of the Japanese name for Outrage (correct me if I'm wrong), and if by wrong translation you mean not saying the English Word for the move, then yes.


Cynthia sent out Kommo-o to battle the Alternate World Team Rocket, who were trying to steal Ash's Pikachu, breaking the electric nets they had fired.
Kommo-o's only known move is Outrage.


Hope this helps.

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