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I’m playing Pokémon BDSP And I’m trying to complete the Pokédex. I need to find the lake trio.
However, I want a shiny hunt them later on. If I flee from them, will I have a chance to rebattle them later?

> Uxie & Azelf did respawn at their respective lakes however Mespirit when I finished back didn't go to the lake and was already roaming again. Probably means I can't hunt mespirit without consantly beating the E4 again.

I can answer if you think a Reddit post is a good enough source.

Edit: https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/qy08vy/do_legendaries_respawns_after_e4_if_you_knock/
I don’t want to risk messing up my chances so that’s why I want a reputable source
That sounds reputable
I made my comment before the Edit lol
If following from the original games, then yes. After you beat the Elite 4 they should respawn allowing you to shiny hunt them in post game.
Uh what’s sollowing?
Sorry, i made a typo. I meant to say following.

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Every time you beat the elite four and champion, if you haven't already catched them you can battle them again and again.