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Like, I keep breaking my chain at 10. I get that they have to be four tiles apart, diagonal included.

The fact that your breaking your chain at ten is completely coincidental

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The rules are pretty much the same as previous games except odds of things happening.

Change 1 - Encountering a Pokemon on the edge of a patch of grass does not change your odds of continuing a chain.

Change 2 - Shiny charm does not impact PokeRadar, and the odds of getting a shiny with a chain of 40 is 1/99, not the prior 1/200.

Change 3 - The odds of continuing your chain after defeating a Pokemon that is 4+ squares away is 83%, and if you catch the Pokemon it is 93%. This means the chance of getting to a chain of 40 with defeating Pokemon is 0.05%, and if you catch 40 Pokemon it is 5.49%.

Other than that I would recommend watching this video, as it goes into every detail of PokeRadar hunting in BDSP.

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