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I’m chaining and I haven’t released any mons at all. What will happen when I fill all them up?

Don't they just add new ones?
Because this is generation 8 it will add new ones
Can't you just do this yourself by putting one Pokemon in each box? Considering you start with 8 boxes...
I’m pretty sure one Pokémon in each box isn’t filling each box completely.

According to a similar question I asked before, there is a maximum limit
Your previous question was on HeartGold, which is a Gen 4 game, and doesn't have the same box features as modern generations

There is no difference between putting one Pokemon in each box and filling each box completely. Unless you are saying you have 99 boxes, in which case
 it won't let you catch the Pokemon.
cool .

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You start out with 8 in the Beginning. To expand your storage, you can place 1 Pokémon in each empty box currently available. When you next open your storage, you'll have double the original amount. If you repeat this method, you'll eventually have 40 PC boxes at your disposal.

This'll let you store up to 1200 Pokémon in the Boxes.



Starting in Generation IV, the player can throw Poké Balls while their
party and Pokémon Storage System are both full, but any newly
caught Pokémon are automatically released.

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you can throw Pokeballs but all caught Pokémon are automatically released.


why is your source my other question that doesn’t even include BDSP
because bdsp is gen 8 and gen 8 is mentioned there.
That question was answered before BDSP came out, so it was referencing SWSH. it could be different
It's not going to be different ty, you're just gonna be waiting for a source
I didn’t know wanting a source was an issue
It is not in anyway, and I'm sorry if that's what you thought I meant, but the chance of them changing that mechanic that has been in place since Gen 3 is quite disproportionate