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(If this seems repetitive I posted this on r/ Pokemon_BDSP as well) So, I started the game. My Prinplup is going to stay on my team, and so is my Shinx and my Abra (after it evolves of course). My awesome brother is going to hatch a Houndour egg for me. The rest of my team is up in the air. Currently I have a Staravia, Zubat, and Geodude. I was going to trade out the Staravia for the Houndour and leave my Zubat as the Flying type, but turns out according to Bulbapedia it wasn't the Grass/Flying/Poison coverage I thought as it only learns Absorb by level up (I thought Giga Drain would come along later as Crobat but I need to find the TM) and the Flying and Poison moves happen quite late for all the Flying weakness opponents in particular. Using Staravia, however removes all Grass coverage from my team. The only Grass/Flying mon in the game is Tropius and that one never struck me as strong. I also feel I should get a better Ground type than Geodude, which, correct me if I'm wrong, has never seemed very powerful either. So, umm, what should I do? Cause I'm stumped.

Roserade is one of the strongest Pokemon you can get early on, and it remains useful throughout the entire game. If you're not keeping Zubat on the team, Roserade is a perfect Grass addition that won't overlap types with any of your existing Pokemon.
Thanks! That still leaves Ground in the mix though. I've had no counter against the Shinx that have fought me. I want to use the Houndour my brother will give me. Even if it isn't Ground type something with a Ground move would work.
Garchomp comes a bit late, but it's arguably the best Ground type in the game. If your brother can breed you a Gible, you're pretty much set for the entire game.

Alternatively, Gastrodon is a good choice, though it does overlap with Piplup.

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No one's giving any more advice, so I'll get this off the unanswered list.

Your Flying coverage is fulfilled with Staraptor, one of the best Flying types in the game, so that's not an issue.

As you've expressed wanting to remove Zubat from your team, Roserade is a perfect Grass addition that overlaps types with none of your teammates. It's one of the strongest Grass types in Sinnoh, available early and able to carry it's weight through the entire game.

For your Ground type, Garchomp is arguably the best in the game. It comes fairly late, but it's easy to get up to speed with the Exp. Share. It's a powerful asset against the final stages of the game, and if you're able to get a Gible early on, the first part of the game is a cakewalk.

Alternatively, if you're not willing to wait that long, Gastrodon is a good Ground type. It overlaps types with Piplup, but it and Empoleon don't share any weaknesses. It's a solid Ground type substitute for Garchomp if you'd like Electric coverage early. Alternatively, Graveler can suffice until you get a Gabite.

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Thanks for the answer, but I already decided what to do with my team. My Prinplup learned Peck, and will eventually get Drill Peck, which I think is fine enough for an in-game team. So no flying type. I have Budew in my party now, as well as my brother's Houndour, which probably is super effective against a lot of the Flying weak Pokémon, at least all the Bug and Grass types. As for Ground I'm using a Geodude for now, but once I hit around the late level 30 range I'll swap it out for a Hippowdon my brother gave me. This team won't win competitive lol but I feel it's good enough for getting through the game.
That sounds like a good team, yeah. I didn't mention Hippowdon because I thought Garchomp/Gastrodon were a bit better, but it absolutely works in-game. Have fun with your playthrough!
Be aware that Empoleon can learn Drill Peck, but not Fly, which is useful for getting around. Staraptor & Drifblim meanwhile can learn Fly, and are both available relatively early in the game.
I thought this game didn't have HMs and you flew with the Pokétch? Sorry, I'm a little confused by the revelation that I might need a Pokémon with Fly.