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Hey. So I have the original cartridge in the first version that came out (1.0.0) and for some reason, when I perform any glitch to get Shaymin, the Flower Paradise doesn’t exist.. It’s only Floating Flowers..
I’d appreciate some help.

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Seabreak Path, Flower Paradise and the Shaymin event associated with them aren't functional in BD/SP 1.0.0. To play them, you need version 1.1.0 or later.

Of course, 1.1.3 removes the exploit allowing you to reach Shaymin. So if you want to get Shaymin early, you'll need a modded Switch to install an earlier patch.

Source (context: version 1.1.0 had just released on this day, and researchers were able to trigger events they hadn't been able on 1.0.0)

Edit 28/02: Oak's Letter has been released for BD/SP, with the distribution ending in late March. It is now possible to reach Shaymin without glitches in the latest versions of BD/SP.

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