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Zapdos run away from me so I want to know can I encounter him twice or NOT in Pokemon platinum

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Yes you can

Zapdos is a roaming legendary. Every time you enter a new location, Zapdos will move to a new location. You can track it on your Poketch Sinnoh Map app.

When you encounter it, unless you have a Pokemon faster than Zapdos, it will run away immediately if you use an attack. You can throw a Poke Ball if you want. It would be a great place to use the Master Ball. But if you have a Pokemon faster than Zapdos that knows Mean Look, (a high leveled Haunter/Gengar would be great,) than you can trap it. As long as your Haunter or Gengar doesn't die, you can fight the Zapdos like normal.

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Another thing is that if a roaming Pokemon (including but not limited to Zapdos) loses HP or gets a major status condition, it will keep its damage and status condition next time you encounter it. So you can get a false swipe user (such as Weavile) to repeatedly encounter Zapdos, use false swipe, and let it run away until it has 1 HP, and then get a Haunter to trap it and put it to sleep. Or you can use a Pokemon that can know mean look, false swipe, and hypnosis, such as Gallade.
Right. It will still run away if it's asleep and the Mean Look Haunter switches out.
I’ve never played Platnium but is it like Latios/Latias?
They're roaming legendaries