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Like, quests with shiny Pokémon for rewards, or about shiny Pokémon

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The only gift Pokemon in the game besides your starter is an Alolan variant, and they are shiny locked.
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@Baron, there’s literally a shiny ponyta quest
I never specified gifts ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
You said rewards, and usually rewards in Pokemon are gifts of some kind. I haven't played the game yet so idk all the major differences
You may be the owner of the site, but you’re still required to provide a source and not answer if you aren’t 100% sure, sir.
I've read that you're supposed to show a "special" Ponyta to complete the quest? Though I don't have any knowledge about in-game so I'm not going in depth or anything.
Yeah the “special” ponyta is a shiny ponyta. You get told there’s a weird ponyta in the wild, and you’re asked to bring it back. It’s a shiny and you get to keep it
Did you just close a Pokemaster answer? He would know if an answer is acceptable or not
Yes I did, because he wasn’t certain about his answer “as far as I know”, and he didn’t have any sources. Which, is low quality, and thus is against the rules.
Uh… my source is I read through every quest in the game…
I’ve reposted my answer with better wording.

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After reading through all the quest text in the game, there is only one that mentions a shiny Pokemon, "A Peculiar Ponyta". You can get the quest around mid-game, I'd say.

But there are other ways to encounter shiny Pokemon such as getting the Shiny Charm and getting mass outbreaks which increase the chances.

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Aye, that’s better. Thanks!