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In Pokemon Go, I'd like to know if certain Pokemon that appear at night, by category such as ghosts, bat Pokemon Psychic type Pokemon, power plant Pokemon, etc, appear at differrent phases of the night, such as civil twilight, nautical twilight, astronomical twilight, full night, and certain Pokemon appear at different times a day, such as the afternoon, or late-morning around 9 am, Pokemon categories such as grass Pokemon, forest Pokemon, etc. I also would like to know whether what Pokemon appear is partly decided upon by habitat or seasons, or time of year not just seasons. (Ie ghosts in October, Jynx and Lapras around Christmastime, etc. for time of year, household Pokemon, park Pokemon etc. for habitat, ice Pokemon for winter, and grass type Pokemon for spring and summer, and weed Pokemon, such as the Oddish line appearing in the fall, for seasons. An example of night Pokemon appearing at a certain phase of the night, for example, is, and this is randomly theorized, and not necessarily true, bat Pokemon appear at nautical twilight. Power plant Pokemon appear in households at full night, for a more precise theory.) Any help?

It’s really not that deep. There’s night Pokémon and they’re categorized by whatever event is ongoing at the moment, and it always changes. Would a list of February 2022 night Pokémon work?
I wish there weren't too many Pokemon in general. It would really help if I knew what Pokemon appear at what time of year and what time of day... But given how long that list would have to be, I'm sure that would not be allowed on this site, sadly...
Yes, Fizz, I want it, if possible.
Hey, I tried answering some of this, to the extent relevant and possible to generalize over at your other question. I'm almost sure the answer there overlaps with some of what you mentioned here, and as you pointed out, having a full list here is almost impossible. If you want, I can paste the same answer here (or edit it to tailor any specific requirements you have) or ask to have this question closed unless someone else wants to take a crack at it.
Emty, I think the answer that was given was helpful enough, at least for the weather boosts. Just give me some groups that appear by day, and some groups that appear by night, not arranged by species, but by some other, more basic description.

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