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I have a few hacked Pokémon that various people traded me. [I didn't hack them.]
Some are made from Pokégen, other AR, etc.
Could they potentially mess up my game?

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they can, in ways such as bad egg or freezing but you should be fine.
sorry my friend but your wrong.

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Actually the pokemon cant damage your game. But the cheats from AR can. Most hacked pokemon cant enter random matchup. I tested some stuff with hacked pokemon on the old Diamond my cousin gave me. Hacked pokemon cant damage your game, they way you use to get them can.
e.x.If you use some codes to get lets say Giratina is not made from experts it may damage your game. But the giratina cant. Ninja is wrong the bad egg glitch can happen by using cheats not pokemon.

actually im right. learn your facts! i traded numerous hacked pokemon with my friend and got a bad egg in diamond a few days later. having the egg in my pc turned all my pokemon into missingo and eventually froze. i had to restart and never traded gts or with my friend again. i had 3 shiny pachurisu!
actually your still wrong. And you should learn your facts. If your friend or you(i dont know who used ithe cheats) used a cheat that was not made buy a professional hacker its normall to get bad eggs.
he gave me his hacked pokemon and he did it himself, that is probably why