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I was thinking of Rampardos in my White team, so I want to know if Sheer Force negates recoil from Head Smash (although I don't know when they will release Cranidos/Rampardos in Dream World).


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No. You'll still take the damage from head smash. Sheer force only negates beneficial abilities. Check here for a complete list.

Thanks, DT! And thanks to Doberman, too.
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as DT said : no ...

a pokemon that has the abilety sheer force will get a power boost on a move that causes a secondery efect so for example :

lets say my DW feraligatr (sheer force abilety ) used waterfall instead of makeing the foe flinch it would just get a power boost

to explain better sheer force only boosts moves that causes secondary effects to the foes pokemon and not including recoil moves too

another great feature about sheer force is if the move is boosted by sheer force and the pokemon has the item life orb it would get the orbs bounus power but without the Hp loss :D

so to end this one no head smash isent getting sheer force boost : moves that cause- recoil or stat changes will not get sheer force unless the secondary ffect is to the foe

heres a link just in case ;) http://pokemondb.net/ability/sheer-force