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Like Dynamic Punch or Bulldoze.

This is for mega golurk isn't it XD

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Yes Sheer Force will boost all moves that have secondary effect(s), but it actually depends which Pokemon the secondary effect applies to.

Sheer Force only applies to moves with secondary effects that affect Pokemon other than the one using the move.

Dynamic Punch is therefore not affected by Sheer Force, as it affects your own Pokemon whether it flinches or not. It's the same with moves that inflict recoil on the Pokemon using it, e.g. Brave Bird, which Sheer Force will not boost, but if the move has another effect, e.g. Flare Blitz's burn chance, Sheer Force will boost.

Sheer Force

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>Sheer Force boosts all attacks that have a chance of causing a secondary effect, whether the chance is 1% or 100%, so attacks like Icy Wind and Bulldoze WILL be powered up but lose the secondary effect.

The quote states only Bulldoze and Icy Wind, but in all cases Sheer Force will boost all corresponding moves, regardless of the chance of their secondary effect.

Hope I helped. :)