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I needed a Gravity user for Flapple but people picked Clefairy instead of Clefable, why?

Also sorry for never being specific on questions.

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What battle format are you playing in? Is it for a Sw/Sh playthrough, in-game facility or competitive?
Who is “people”? We need information such as if they are mainly competitive or in-game battlers, we also need to know why Flapple needs gravity (what kind of set it is running).
OP posted an answer to Flapple's moveset question which mentioned gravity, so thats probably what gravity is for.
I posted a flapple set that is the set I'm using.
Why are you using Flapple in OU?
Is your issue that you read this answer https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/330819#a378057 and are wondering why it says Clefairy instead of Clefable?
Where did you post it?
If you're asking why I picked Clefairy over Clefable for Gravity, it's because the set is for ZU. Clefable isn't available in ZU, while Clefairy is.
No I'm not its because some people use clefairy over cleffable.
If you aren't playing OU, then why did you add OU to the title? Can you answer the other question?
No I'm Playing OU
Which gen?
The tag said sword and shield
Where did people say they were using Clefairy in OU?
Eviolite users and some people on showdown.

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First off, why tf are you even attempting to use Flapple in gen eight ou? That mon is straight up hot trash. Don't use it. Second, you're better off using Clefable. Most non fully evolved Pokemon are not useful in ou because everybody and their mothers love to spam that brainless move called knock off and Clefairy is just as trash as Flapple if its eviolite gets knocked off. Clefairy isn't even ranked in the vr for that very reason. The only eviolite Pokemon that is even remotely viable in ou but not in the rankings is Chansey and the blob is only used by guys who have no life at all and want to waste someone's time on the ladder with a super hardcore stall team because they have nothing better to do

If someone says they're using Clefairy, then there's only two reasons for that. One, they're probably in the low ladder which is around >1400 elo and don't know much about the metagame or two, they have a very specific purpose in mind like using it against a specific player in a tournament because that player plays in a style which Clefairy would be more useful than Clefable. This second reason would only apply to that specific player and nowhere else especially on the ladder

In the end, don't use Flapple because it sucks so much balls and don't use Clefairy because it's even worse the moment its eviolite gets knocked off. In general, using Pokemon that rely on eviolite is not worth using in ou. Remember, everyone and their mothers love spamming knock off

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Well that was aggressive. but true
this is the kind of content I like to see, tiptoeing the line between aggression and genocide towards showdown players
VERY true. A bit on the offensive side. Only reason I gave a downvote, but you are right in saying that this is basically showdown players: "Oh you have an item? (whatever mon they have out), use Knock Off!". Happens all the time on ladder.
Btw dont judge me on what i use in OU