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I want to use one tapu but i dont know which
That really depends on your team, I've even seen multiple Tapus used successfully.
You arent allowed to post teams
Yes, I know that. My point is that which Tapu is the best varies wildly from team to team.
Ima probably work on an answer on the bus in an hour or so if my wifi works, if not I’ll probably answer this evening

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After a bit of browsing usage rates, I have concluded that Tapu Koko is the most viable in NatDex OU. Used primarily as a lightning-fast pivot (pun intended), sets with Choice Specs Volt Switch are widely used in NatDex OU. The next rankings are (in order), Tapu Fini, Tapu Lele, and Tapu Bulu. However, since they all fill completely different roles (Koko for speedy offensive pivot, Fini for defensive wall, Lele for choice specs powerhouse, and Bulu as a UU physical attacker), it’s all up to preference. Hope I helped!

PS: Tapu Bulu is the only UU of the Tapus, the rest are all OU in NatDex Gen 8.


Tapu Lele has more usage than Tapu Koko in the last month above 1760 ELO. Also, usage necessarily does not translate into viability. In terms of viability, Tapu Fini is ranked above both the Tapus in the same A rank (https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/national-dex-viability-rankings-v2.3666572/)