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Night Slash and Me First seem to have wavering priority. For example,

Azelf: Flamethrower
Liepard: Night Slash
(Azelf is faster statwise)
No priority.
Next turn.
Liepard: Night Slash
Azelf: Fainted
Priority. Azelf was going to use Energy Ball.
Next turn.
Liepard: Night Slash
Mewtwo: Aura Sphere
(Mewtwo is WAY faster statwise)
What do you make of it?
P.S. this is Morimoto's Liepard.

Example 2
Zekrom: Fly
Accelgor: Bug Buzz
(Zekrom is faster statwise)
Next turn.
Accelgor: Me First (Fly)
Zekrom: Fly
Both Serebii and Pokemondb says Me First has no priority.
P.S. This is Alder's Accelgor.

Night slash isn't a piority move
I know that.

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Okay, I'll just completely edit this for you.

I'm gonna be blunt and Straight up, Neither of these moves have priority, Ever.

Keep in mind that Accelgor has a base speed of 145 to Zekom's 90. So even At a ridiculously high level, there is still a good chance accelgor is faster.

And for the Mewtwo Liepard situation, Are you sure he isn't using Sucker Punch? Otherwise, Your game is just glitched.

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My Mewtwo and Zekrom are level 100, Mewtwo has a speed of 286 and Zekrom has a speed of 223. I have fought these guys many times (Alder over 100) and this has happened maybe 5 times. (Although the Me First scenario happened a lot with Rayquaza, but it was slower.)
Then your game is Glitched, I'm giving you straight up Facts Kyogre, Don't vote down.

A. You never mentioned what level your pokemon were, so how would I know? I'm basing off of pure facts, and Accelgor still outspeeds Zekrom btw.

B. You downvoted for the heck of it, seeing that my answer, that other actual good user, Voted up.

I gave nothing but correct information, both of these moves don't have any priority, at any time.
Speed of 286 isn't always enough to outspeed things. Remember that Accelgor has base 145 speed, able to peak at 427 without the help of an item. It's more than feasible for it to outspeed a mewtwo. He's only working with what you gave him; just because it's legendary doesn't mean it's faster.  Don't vote down just because you don't like the answer. He can't work with much considering you don't tell much information.
Sorry, I didn't realized you had edited your answer. I voted you down beforehand.
J98 your wrong actuall yits tyhe RNG ,or Random Number generator. The RNg does take part in who goes first
Ike, If you're trying to tell me that Speed and Priority isn't all that makes a pokemon Go first, then you're wrong.
If I remember, the only time it's randomized is if the two pokemon attacking have the same speed and are using a move of the same priority level.  Correct me if I'm wrong.
You're Right Dt.