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What is it, how do you get it, & how do you use it?


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PokeSav is a proggram that humans use to create and/or edit pokemon. You can import this pokemon to your pokemon rom game or real game(its really hard to this). I will not give you a link. And if you want to use something like PokeSav use PokeGen(better) or dont use it at all. If you know how to import the pokemon you make with PokeSav to your game dont do it if your not an expert. If the pokemon made by PokeSav are not made by an expert they could harm your game.

Ok, some people may say: Boronicolas is HACKER. And they may dont wanna trade/battle/talk with me then dont do it. Yes you could say im a hacker. BUT i never use any skills i have(yes and my hacking skills) to do bad. And for everybody to know i used my hacking skills many times to help people. I never use hacked pokemon, NEVER. Get this into your mind people. I can use PokeSav, but i dont. I could hack some people's computer's but i dont. Im not a bad guy. All i want to do is help people. Im Done.

I was never trying to Accuse you bud :]
I don't see what's so bad about getting the desired pokemon anyway. It sure beats the tedious amounts of work it takes with breeding, level grinding, getting points and stuff for the move tutor, and getting an item just for one pokemon. I'd hardly call that a "bad person." It's just a game. There are gonna be people who abuse it with 999 stat pokemon, but guess what? You can just leave the battle.
By saying: ''im not a bad guy'', i meant i am not hacking other people's computers.
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what pokesav is, it is a program used to hack pokemon, much like action replay, but more advanced. You can hack whatever pokemon you want, ie making a keldeo spawn on route 4. You can hack stats, evs, shininess, and just about anything you can imagine. i tried to attach a link and test it, but it says its outdated, so just google pokesav. its the first link.

i dont use it so sorry i am unsure how to use it.

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from my understanding it's a program that you can edit and then load pokemon onto your game. beyond that i haven't looked at it because it can screw your game up and i'd rather get the satisfaction of breeding my pokemon myself as opposed to just punching in numbers to get what you want. also don't care to risk screwing up my game.