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I have the program, and I understand the basics of making the pokemon's moves, abilities, etc; but how do you import them into your cartridge games? I'm using it for two different generations of games: Heart Gold and Black versions. I also ask that you don't just post a youtube link, as most of the tutorials I've seen haven't explained this part in detail. I've heard that a few involve the use of action replay, but I'm still unsure.

PS. I don't need a lecture about how horrible a person I am for using pokesav. I'm just using this to bypass all the tedious training and grinding.

but the breeding/training is the fun part!
It's okay, but not really fun having to level grind all the way up to 100, that is, after battling through several pokemon for EV training, getting the TMs, breeding for the egg moves, getting possible move tutor stuff, getting a proper nature, and getting the proper Ivs for a good hidden power. (which I use a lot) It's fun at first, but quickly gets tedious. That's just for one pokemon, right? 5 more to go. Want to make a small change to your team? Guess you gotta get some heart scales, good thing those are easy to find, right? Oh well, either that or retraining a new pokemon.
actually, in black/white you can get a heart scale everyday
I'm aware of that, but it's still very tedious to do that daily. I'd rather just focus on the battling itself, rather than working up to getting there. We all have our preferences with the games. Mine is on making strategies and battling, not so much training the pokemon.

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After you make the pokemon click file, save from tabs. Go here for Gen5. Go here for Gen4. Upload the .pkm file there. Change the DNS to what it says. Go to the GTS to get the pokemon. NOTE!:you must have a full party when you get the pokemon. Please dont do this DT if your not sure about something. Dont use Pokesav. Use Pokegen. Stable version of PokeGen(Only gen4). Beta version of Pokegen(gen4+gen5. dont worry i didnt find any problems in it) Becareful. If you have any questions ask them. If the .pkm file is corrupted it may damage your game.

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I'm sure of how to use all of the programming itself, I just didn't know how to upload it to the game properly.