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For some reason, lately I have been really wanting to get the Pokemon "Machamp" in Pokemon Omega Ruby

Could you guys give me a guide to get the best a Machamp can be. This includes its nature, ability, BREEDING GUIDE. SO I CAN GET MAX IVs FROM BREEDING IT. And also, do I need to teach it any egg moves? Or are the ordinary ones he learns by level good enough? If I should pass moves from his parents, could you please tell me how to get those moves? Do EVs get past onto the baby? If I bred 2 Machokes, would the baby be weaker if I bred 2 machamps? Any additional things would also be appreciated

P.S I want my Machamp to mostly be an attacker, so completely maxed out attack.

Thanks. :)

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Hoh boy Lotta questions.

Let's go in order:

Nature and ability are hereditary, I THINK. So get a parent with the nature, ability, or both that you want and breed them.

Machamps abilities are Guts, No Guard, or Hidden ability Steadfast. Depending on the kind of Machamp you want (attacker? Defender? Speedy?), you go with that.

IVs are RANDOM. So... Nothing you can do bout dat.

As for moves... Here is every single move Machamp can learn, on this link. Choose what you want and go for it.

Passing on moves: here's bulbapedias say in the matter.

EVs: babies start with 0 EVs. So... Again, nothing you can do.

And as for your last question, it doesn't matter if the parents are machokes or machamps, as long as they evolved from a machop or is a ditto, you will get a baby machop.

From there your machop evolves into machoke at level 28, and your machoke will evolve into Machamp by trading it.

I know nothing about egg moves and IVs and the like, so if I screwed up on any of this info, blame me. Otherwise, there ya go!

Thanks, that helped a lot :) Although, I know IVs are random but I want the random IVs to be randonly the best they can be, I want an attacker btw :P