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Yes, pikachu did. I don't know what else to say... Here is bulbapedia saying that pikachu did in the anime.

Team Rocket then has the machine put suction cups on Pikachu's cheeks to absorb its electricity. As James and Meowth celebrate the fact the machine is filling up with energy, Jessie yells at them, saying that Pikachu is getting stronger. After getting most of the energy drained, Pikachu shocks the machine, and a stray bolt of electricity fries May's bike.

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thanks dude and it also make you wonder what he has against Two wheeled vehicles.
Good thing Iris doesn't have a bike!
Which girl did he travel with in second gen???
Misty again, though you would think it would be the gold/silver/christal girl you can choose in those games.
Hmm mm.. You would think that! Iris needs a bike:)