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High Crit rate moves?

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Can I have a list of moves that are considered to have "a high crit ratio" ? And How much chance would a razor claw add?

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[Aeroblast][1], [Air-cutter][2], [Attack-order][3], [Crabhammer][4], [Cross-chop][5], [Cross-poison][6], [Drill-run][7], [Leaf-blade][8], [Night-slash][9], [Psycho-cut][10], [Razor-leaf][11], [Shadow-claw][12], [Slash][13], [Spacial-Rend][14], [Stone-edge][15]

[Source Serebii][16]

Above a links to the move page. With the razor claw they would have a 12.5% chance of Crit.

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Thanks SF! Now I can Make a BEASTLY Honchkrow out of your advice!