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I've been trying to get a Sneasel that knows Ice punch and Shadow Claw.
I put two Sneasel in the day care, the female knows ice punch and the male knows shadow claw.
But each time the baby hatches it only knows Ice punch or shadow claw, it won't learn them both.
Is it possible for a baby to be born with an egg move AND a TM move?

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well your problem is that the male has to have both moves so the baby will have them as a egg move .

this means you need the male to have shadow claw and ice punch and you need to have a female sneasel so the baby sneasel will haveboth moves

for your question it is definetlly possible if the male has a move learned by a tm and the babay is able to learn the tm (if you can actually teach it to it) then it would get it

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