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So it seems the only Pokemon I seem to think up in my head are only possible on Pokemon Online. Can I really get a Zoroark with Sucker Punch and Memento? How about a Forretress with Stealth Rock and Toxic Spikes?

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To learn multiple egg moves the father must know all the moves. For example to get Zoroark with Sucker Punch and Memento, you need to find a Pokemon in the same egg group that knows both those moves.

So for Zoroark you can either get a male Smeargle and sketch those two moves from another Pokemon, or do this:

  1. Get a male Stunky/Skuntank and learn Memento by level up.
  2. Breed with a female Diglett/Dugtrio until you get a male one.
  3. Level it up until it learns Sucker Punch. Now you have Dugtrio with Memento and Sucker Punch.
  4. Breed with a female Zorua/Zoroark and the baby will know both moves!

Forretress, on the other hand, can learn Toxic Spikes via the Move Relearner so it can get that any time if you have a Heart Scale. Dwebble/Crustle can learn Stealth Rock by level up, or these Pokemon by TM in Gen 4: Pinsir, Pineco, Forretress, Gligar, Shuckle, Gliscor, Wormadam.

So breed a male one of those with a female Pineco/Forretress, then use the Move Relearner.

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