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with and without rock head

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Blazekin can learn: Flare blitz, Brave-bird, Hi-jump-kick, and Double-edge(By gen III move tutor), and Emboar can learn: Flare-blitz, Head-smash, Wild-charge, and Take down.

Rampardos and Aggron(This one has Rock-head): Head-smash, Take-down, Double edge

And of course all can use struggle.

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you mean pokemon that can learn 4 recoil moves, right?
Emboar can learn
Head Smash, Take Down, Flare Blitz, and Wild Charge by Machine

and i'm sure there is many pokemon outhere that can learn 4 recoil moves,,

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and oh yeah,,one thing,,just use http://pokemondb.net/tools/moveset-search to search which pokemon can learn which moves,,
Be careful is it isn't working properly right now.
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Smeargle can learn all the most recoil moves.

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It takes years of hard work and study to know that.