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If you use a move that has a type supereffective to your pokemon's type, if it has recoil will it be more HP taken?

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Trachy's answer should help a bit.
If you use Flare Blitz on a Parasect and it faints and it's HP is 300 the recoil damage will be 100
If you use Flare Blitz on a Wailord and the damage is 30 the recoil will be 10.
The super effectiveness of an attack does not determine the recoil damage.
Only the damage itself does.

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But the super-effectiveness of a move makes it do more damage, therefore increasing the recoil, so in a way super-effectiveness does actually increase recoil.
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Well recoil is a portion of how much damage is given, this varies by move, so the more damage you make the more damage you take.

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