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like if infernape uses flare blitz on a pokemon?


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Different moves have different amount of recoil.
Shadow Rush,Wild Charge,Take Down,Submission,Head Charge take 1/4 of damage dealt as recoil damage.
Flare Blitz,Wood Hammer,Double-Edge,Brave Bird,Volt Tackle take 1/3 of damage dealt as recoil damage.
Head Smash takes 1/2 of damage dealt as recoil.
Struggle always takes 1/4 of maximum HP as recoil damage
Jump Kick and High Jump Kick deals damage equal to half of its max HP rounded down if it misses.
Life Orb boosts the power of moves by 30%, but at the cost of 10% max HP each time the holder uses an attack.
The Ability Reckless increases the power of these moves by 20%.As a result, the user will also take 20% more recoil than normal. Reckless does not increase the bonus or damage taken from Life Orb.
The Ability Rock Head prevents recoil damage, except from Struggle and Shadow Rush. It does not prevent
damage taken from Life Orb.

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