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Basically, I bred my snorlax with a ditto but when the egg hatched, i received a snorlax instead of a munchlax. The same thing happened with my sisters game where she bred a marill with ditto and got a marill instead of azurill. I know both of these evolve with happiness so i tried breeding a pikachu with a ditto and got a pichu. why did this happen?

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Some Pokemon require items to breed for the first form:

  • Sea Incense - Marill/Azumarill
  • Lax Incense - Wobbuffet
  • Rose Incense - Roselia/Roserade
  • Pure Incense - Chimecho
  • Rock Incense - Sudowoodo
  • Odd Incense - Mr. Mime
  • Luck Incense - Chansey/Blissey
  • Wave Incense - Mantine
  • Full Incense - Snorlax

See the breeding guide (Baby Pokemon section) for more information.

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