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Every time I do how many steps I take devided by 256 it does a random pokemon cry. The first two times it was a Buneary cry,then the next two times it was a Gastly cry...I thought the Buneary cry was reasonable but I don't have a Gastly! My last thought is this has to be a glitch...I've never had a glitchy game before!

hmm strange ive never heard of it
how do you divide it
you divide on the calculator app on your Poketch (I pronounce it pokewatch so it doesnt sound stupid) and it did the same thing when I was checking my math homework
rashiram its no glitch !
after every certin number of steps in a place with patches of grass or possibilety of finding a pokemon you will hear the cry of the pokemon you can catch (untill gen 4) after gen 4 (gen 5) game freak just stopped doing that but if you are talking about gen 5 then check if there is a gastly in the place you walked and it might be just like the gens before so anyway its no glitch
hmm.. I'll have to try it. I've never heard of that before.

Sorry, didn't work for me. I don't really understand how it happens.
it happened to me to. i was in the north of the town with the daycare and when i tried it i got a infernape cry. (infernape is my strongest and most used pokemon)

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It’s not a glitch. I have Pokemon Sapphire, Pearl and Platinum and it does this. If you heard a Gastly and Buneary, it’s probably Eterna Forest.

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Even so, you shouldn't post all caps answered.