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I need chain breeding help.

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You need to get a male Glalie, Snorunt, or Froslass from gen4 that you used a TM on in order to get it in gen5.

Snorunt is now available in the Dream World with Water Pulse as a DW-Exclusive move.

Just for future reference though, on each pokemon's page above the list of egg moves there is a link that shows breeding compatability for the egg moves.

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Ok. I am not familiar with the new things on this site- I mainly use the pokemon pages & I don't very often
This is one of the more complex methods to get an egg move, like Deino+Dark Pulse. You only get 1 Water Pulse TM in each game as well. I had to transfer my Snorunt to HGSS to teach the TM, then forward to BW.
Froslass is only  a female pokemon.
Ok so if I don`t have a gen4 game (I have one but I think I have alerady used water pulse) than I cannot have my vanniluxe learn water pulse?
Read the second line now.