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So, a Vanilluxe I had on my Pokémon Black was nicknamed ‘King Land’, as like the ruler of land (I know it’s a weird nickname but I like giving weird nicknames to Pokémon). Anyways, when I went to transfer it to my Pokémon Moon, it said the nickname it had was prohibited on the 3ds, and my 3ds changed it to its normal name. I’m super confused and would like to know why, because I don’t think it’s offensive or vulgar in any way so I would like to know why it was prohibited.

I don't know what to say.
There is a list on bulbapedia of prohibted words, and this is not one of them
I read through that list too, this certainly is strange. My best guess is that the game for some reason in mistaking the name for a prohibited word, or perhaps it is similar in spelling to a romaji spelling of a banned Japanese word. I did read, however, that the internal lock for banned words comes from the system in the DS filter rather than the game itself, so can vary depending on the software version. A system update may solve the problem.

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Since it's possible to evade the banned-words filter using spaces (you can spell out the words with spaces, like: "S W E A R", "SWE AR", etc, it seems like the game filters out spaces while checking if the Pokémon has a banned word in the nickname, and, so, the game will check if "KINGLAND" contains a banned word.

So far so good? Well, turns out "GLAND" (KINGLAND without KIN, just to be clear) is a banned word for its meaning in French. You can find it in Bulbapedia's List of censored words in Generation VI. I'll avoid linking it because of it's nature, but you're free to Google it if you'd like. :)

In french it translates to 'nut'. Lol
From a bit of searching on the Internet it seems like the word has one or more other meanings as well that made Game Freak add the word to their filter list to begin with, in addition to the acorn meaning that I think you're referring to.
I don't think it means acorn... If it did, why would they censor it.
"gland" is not in Bulbapedia's list of censored words. Are you sure you're looking at the right list?
Sometimes Bulpapedia has out dated stuff (or maybe you're right that we're wrong).
I was looking at the mainspace list, not Glik's list.
Clearing flags. You bring it upon yourself to search that — not really our problem.