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One option is a Quick Ball - an awesome quick alternative to expensive Ultra Balls. They work on 80% of Pokemon, and probably not legendaries. If you mean Raikou, or another wandereing Pokemon, Kepp hacking away with False Swipe until it has 1 Hp. Then try to put it to sleep, or paralyze it. Finally, throw a Quick Ball, a heavy Ball for Raikou or Entei, and maybe Dusk Balls if it's night. It helps to have a Pokemon like Chandelure so it won't flee.

the quick ball works best when used on 1st turn(x4),so if you use false swipe,then put it to sleep or paralyze it,the quick ball would have lost much of its power and would be like a normal pokeball,as the moves gobble up 2-3 turns.
I meant each thing from one chance.
For example:
1. False Swipe, then they run
2. False Swipe, then they run
3. False Swipe, then they run
4. Thunder Wave/Hypnosis/etc. , then if they don't run, Dusk/Ultra Balls until they run
5. Quick Ball, and so on.
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Obviously, Master Balls!! xD But, since there's only one masterball per game, your best alternative would be Quick Balls. But for pokemon such as Mesperit, Raikou, etc. Then use moves such as scary face or have pokemon with Arena Trap and just cut down on there HP. Or use moves such as False Swipe leaving it at 1. But good luck! :)

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The number one ball of course is the master ball but if you dont have one of those just use a quick ball for one turn encounters.But i always use false swipe (move) because i wont let the pokemons hp go past one and then i keep using ultra balls everytime i run into the pokemon.