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A moveset is a group of the attacks you give your pokemon. SInce you can only give them up to four moves, it's important that you use them wisely, so the idea of good moveset making is to give moves pokemon the moves that make effective use of its stats, abilities, etc.

For example:

Ability: Wonder Guard
Item: Toxic Orb
Nature: Bold
EVs: 252 Def, 252 HP, 4 Sp. Def

  • Final Gambit
  • Sandstorm
  • Giga Drain
  • Substitute/Harden

Obviously this is the best possible moveset you could give Shedinja, making good use of all his abilities. ;)
[1]: http://img.pokemondb.net/sprites/black-white/normal/shedinja.png

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Dang, I think we all know who's getting a banned moveset now; what an unstoppable beast!
Two questions. First, why Harden? He has 1 HP, so why raise Defense? Second, Final Gambit gives out 1 Damage then they faint.....
Oh, I get it! Worst possible moveset! ;D
Wow that set is amazing :D the only thing better than that would be Magikarp with only Splash XD
@Lucario It's a joke chill out
epic moveset.
simply fabulous!
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If you owned any of the pokemon video games you would know this. A moveset is a set of attacks your pokemon has.

Example: My Zekrom knows Shadow Claw, Fusion Bolt, Strength, and Dragon Claw.