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When I play Yellow it and I am facing a trainer sometimes when they use things like Growl or Leer they fail. Why is that? But so far my Pokemon have not had that problem.

I've experienced this while switching.....
I got pokemon yellow too and it does that a lot
It is probably just a glitch. After all, the pokemon games were glitchy until Gen. 3.
Doubtful. It was a website version of the game on PlayR.

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Don't Forget Gen.1 was extremely glitchy and had quite a few bugs in it's system. But since you say it is a PlaR,It's most likely a bug in the program.

The bug was the same in the original games as it was in the program made on a website? doubtful, Can you give me a source?
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There is a special AI handler for status moves that causes these to miss 64/256 of the time.
This is not a bug, it's just some AI weirdness.